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How to Choose the Best Dect Wireless Headset for Your Work?

What is a DECT Wireless Headset?

DECT (Digital European Cordless Telecommunications) is a wireless standard that allows wireless audio devices to connect to a desk phone or softphone via a base station or dongle.

The DECT headset is a wireless solution for users who need to move around their workplace or desk to make calls. The DECT headset is as clear as a wired headset, and its wireless range is typically 50 meters.

Why Choose DECT Wireless Headset?

  • Call Stability

Some wireless headsets may be subject to interference from other devices operating on the same open 2.4 GHz frequency, such as WiFi routers, printers, and TVs. This interference is not a problem for DECT wireless headsets using their frequency band. They operate in their dedicated frequency range; this is why DECT office headset excels in connection quality and stability, even in crowded environments such as contact centers.

  • Deployment Density

Another critical factor in using DECT wireless headsets in a busy office is density; this refers to the number of devices in the vicinity that can be active simultaneously without interfering with each other or degrading the sound quality. The more devices in a given area, the higher the density and the greater the potential for radio interference.

  • Encrypted Security

DECT is highly secure and provides extra security for compassionate conversations. DECT involves a three-layer security chain:

  1. The DECT wireless headset is paired with the base station via the DECT standard authentication algorithm (DSAA) to verify the initial connection. Some devices on the market use the more secure DSAA2 algorithm.
  2. When a new call begins, a secure connection between the professional headset and the base station is verified to ensure that the call is between two authorized devices.
  3. The voice data is encrypted with 64-bit encryption, making it unusable by anyone who intercepts it

What are the Use Scenarios of the DECT Wireless Headset?

DECT wireless headset system needs to pair with a specific base station or dongle. These, in turn, are connected to devices such as landlines and softphones and, depending on the product, can accommodate multiple phones simultaneously. As DECT headsets rely on the base station or dongle, they mainly use in traditional office environments and contact centers.

The DECT office headset is the obvious choice for those who work in a fixed location and rely on a single desk phone or softphone. DECT is very secure, the long-range allows you to move around the office while staying connected, and the call quality is often higher and more consistent.

Which DECT Wireless Headset is Ideal for Your Needs?

The Yealink WH6X DECT Wireless Headset Series, the Essential DECT Wireless Headsets (WH62 & WH63), and the Premium DECT Wireless Headsets (WH66 & WH67) are new generation headsets, combining a highly compact design with a rich voice communication performance.

Always Get Interrupted at Work? 

With the Yealink Essential DECT Wireless Headsets WH62 & WH63, interruptions will no longer be an issue for users who want to stay focused at work, especially with the use of the Yealink branded Busylight, providing a visual cue and indicator that help to reduce distractions and eliminate interruptions. Plus, with Yealink DECT technology, users are able to move around the office without losing their calls, with up to 160 meters’ mobile range and up to 14-hour talk time, which brings greater flexibility to your daily communication.

Need to Work on a Range of Devices from Pcs, Mobile Phones, to Desk Phones? 

The Yealink premium DECT Wireless Headsets WH66 & WH67 X UC Workstation give users the possibility and flexibility to connect devices, and manage communications from a single device, and also act as a hub that integrate a full-duplex speakerphone, fast charging wireless mobile phone dock, 4 inch touch console, and high speed USB hubs which, together offer incredible set of features allowing you to meet, connect and collaborate seamlessly and intelligently.

What Features a Good DECT Wireless Headset Should Have?

  • Native Integration

No more EHS adapters needed, connect desk phone directly with one USB cable. And 2 Micro USB ports contained in the base, supporting connect to PC and IP phone simultaneously. Integrated deeply with Yealink IP Phones, you can just feel the crystal call experience at the moment of wearing WH6X. Also work with popular UC platforms, achieving all-round collaboration

  • Be Heard Crystal Clearly

With Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology, the two Microphones built in WH6X block the background noise automatically but ensure participant voice be heard clearly, greatly boost the communication efficiency.

  • All-in-One UC Workstation 

Desktop collaboration significantly boosts efficiency, especially working from Home. However, it can also be annoying that the desktop is messy with multiple device cables. Take control of your desktop collaboration environment with WH6X: 1. Connect all devices you want with built-in Bluetooth and USB ports; 2. Expand the PC’s connectivity with a 2-port USB 3.0 hub; 3. Control all calls on the 4.0 inch (480 x 800) capacitive touch screen by finger touch; 4. Function as a hand-free phone, freeing from wearing the headset; 5. Charge your mobile phone wirelessly and transform it into an excellent, efficient conferencing device.

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