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Yealink Wins Microsoft Gold Communications Competency for Skype for Business/Lync

Recognize the Global Demand for Cloud Video Conferencing

Stop and think about the critical communications solutions you use in your enterprise. You have the telephone. Email. Fax.

It’s time to add cloud-based video conferencing to this list of critical enterprise communications technologies. It has emerged as one of the most in-demand communications technologies that enterprises are using today.

Just how popular is cloud-based video conferencing? Consider this:

According to a recent benchmark report, 85 percent of business professionals claimed they want access to a cloud-based video conferencing solution to conduct remote meetings. And by 2020, the global cloud-based video conferencing market is on pace reach an impressive $2.9 billion.

The U.S. currently represents the largest market for cloud-based video conferencing services, while the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region remains the fastest growing market. Cloud-based video conferencing will continue expanding in the APAC region at a compound annual growth rate of 13.5 percent from 2015 to 2020.

The reasons why your business should be leveraging video conferencing are numerous:

Reduce travel: As the above-mentioned study points out, over a span of six months, video conferences helped business professionals save 2.1 billion travel miles as well as $1.3 billion on travel expenses.

Improve communication with other businesses: Not all client-related problems can be solved over the telephone. It’s vital to have access to a high-quality video conferencing system to conduct digital face-to-face meetings.

Improve teamwork and collaboration: Most businesses today either support remote workers, or are in the process of adapting to support remote workers. Video conferencing enables strong teamwork and collaboration between team members wherever they are located.

Attract top talent: It’s important to show potential hires that your company is committed to leveraging cutting-edge communications solutions. No employee wants to be using yesterday’s communications technologies.

So we now made it clear that:

A) Cloud video conferencing is in high demand among business professionals, and the market is surging as a result.

B) There are many benefits to using cloud video conferencing in the enterprise.

Naturally, this brings up the next question: How should you get started implementing video conferencing into your enterprise? After all, there is no shortage of cloud video conferencing services to choose from.

Leading global UC terminal solution provider Yealink, who, together with cloud conferencing partner Zoom, is helping to redefine the way enterprises conduct meetings.

Recently, the two companies has released a joint conference room solution which includes Yealink VC110 All-in-One video conferencing endpoint (Zoom edition) and Zoom’s cloud-based HD video communications software, resulting in a professional, high-end meeting experience for end users.

Some of the benefits of the Yealink VC110 include:

Fast and easy setup: Your IT team won’t struggle to set up the VC110. The entire solution can be unpacked and installed in just five minutes. Plus, the VC110 utilizes Yealink’s Intelligent Firewall Traversal technology, which eliminates complicated firewall configuration issues. The VC110 is therefore great for deployment even by non-professionals.

One-button meeting access: Yealink is the first Zoom hardware partner to offer simple, one-button access to meetings. End users simply have to push a button to access Zoom’s conferencing software. Then, it’s just a matter of entering a meeting ID number. This feature saves precious time and eliminates frustration for end users when trying to establish meetings.

What’s more, the VC110 utilizes a wide-angle horizontal field of view, which greatly benefits companies with limited meeting space. Plus, it comes with a dual-screen option for sharing content between end users. This solution can also work in conjunction with external USB drives for call recording and screenshot purposes.

The VC110 comes in two sizes. For small or huddle-sized meeting rooms of 4-6 people, the VC110-Pod device—at $999—is ideal. This solution is wireless, with a standby time of 35 days and 72 hours of talk time. The VC110-Pod provides effective audio pickup for 6 feet.

For mid-sized rooms of about 12 people or less, the VC110-Phone—at $1,299— is the optimal choice. The VC110-Phone contains buttons for easy access to meetings and presentations, or for toggling mute or USB recording. Plus, the phone can be used as a standalone audio conference phone. And input is easier on this device, too. The VC110-Phone is designed to pick up sound as far as 16 feet away.

Want to learn more about how Yealink and Zoom joint solution can help streamline video conferencing in your enterprise? Click here! 

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